Please Be Patient While Map Loads

If the map doesn't load (it might say "Missing Plug-in") there is a problem with flash in Google Chrome, and a number of flash pages that you might view will not work. Here's how to fix it:

1. Click on the wrench tool icon in the top right corner of your Google Chrome screen and click on "Options".

2. Under the Options, click on "Under The Hood".

3. Next to Privacy, click "Content Settings".

4. Next to Plug-ins, click "Disable individual plug-ins..."

5. Scroll down the list to "Flash (2 files)" or "Flash (3 files)", whichever one you see.

6. Click on the "+ Details" at the top right of Chrome.

7. Under the "Flash (2 files)" (or) "Flash (3 files)" should be 2 or 3 flash plugins that can be disabled.

8. Disable the bottom plug-in first, and then reload this page. If the problem persists go to step 9.

9. Renable the plug-in you just disabled and try disabling the plug-in above it, then reload this page. If problem persists, repeat step 9.

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Initial Concept Design & Illustration by Christopher D. Eldridge - Illustration by Robert Altbauer

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