My mother always told me I was born to be a writer. I wasn’t born with a pen in hand, but ever since I learned to write, I’ve been building worlds and sharing them in my stories.

I have many passions, which is why I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned a bachelor’s in English, Psychology, and Biology. I also studied medicine and received an undergraduate certificate in Behavioral Neuroscience. But writing fantasy is my true passion. For I am dreamer, a make-believer, a creator of whatever chimerical entity my mind can conjure up. So I decided not to pursue a Ph.D. M.D. program in Neuropharmacology, and instead chose to focus on a career in writing and my dream of becoming a published fantasy author. Having to leave the state and my future wife was also a big part of my decision to stay.

For over a decade, I’ve been creating my own world, filling it with my dreams, and the creations of my imagination. I hope one day to share my world with you and take you on a boundless adventure that may span a dozen books or more.


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